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"sightseeing" in Cartagena


Our first stop in Colombia is the city of Santa Marta. We spoil ourselves with the beautiful dreamer hostel. Although we hadn’t booked in advance we get the last two beds, a private bed, because whoever booked it hadn’t shown up. Turns out they do […]



Our flight to Caracas brings us to Aruba airport early in the morning. When we drop off our luggage at the counter, the staff informs us that the two airlines who are getting us to Caracas don’t have a luggage agreement and that are probably […]


Guatemala / NYC / Aruba

We leave Belize early Sunday morning. The sky is grey and it looks like it is going to rain soon. It is no news for us after two days of nothing but thunderstorms. Three chicken buses later we reach the Guatemalan border. Of course we […]



The journey to San Cristobal starts in San Pedro early Saturday morning. In order to get the first lancha (small boat) to Panajachel from where the shuttle will leave I need to get up at 4:30. Fortunately, the morning before I had to get up […]

Don't miss out on Yo Mama's


After two weeks in Honduras my next destination was going to be the beautiful country of Guatemala. I knew in advance that it was going to be a short stopover because Jimmy, who I met in Copan, had told me about a sailing trip living […]

Deck at Alton's on Utila

Nicaragua / El Salvador / Honduras

After the Tica Bus disaster from Panama City to David we decided that we would not spend any more money on freezing cold buses but travel by chicken buses instead. These local buses are former school buses and start in every city, have their final […]

Iguana - San Blas

Panama / Costa Rica / Caymans

To the gallery My days in Cuba came to an end and I was about to meet Alida and Amrei for our four week trip through Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. We would start in Panama City and work our way north. Since the direct […]


Cuba the first days

Sorry about this article but it is quite long! Since I can only use a 64k modem which still seems like the fastest connection in all of cuba I wont upload pictures! If you like leg room and a personal entertainment system you should skip […]


Startschuss mit Packliste

Es stehen auf dem Programm: 7 Monate Lateinamerika! Die Reise startet dieses Samstag, 14.07.2012, in Frankfurt mit dem Flug nach Varadero, Kuba. Wie es von dort aus weitergeht, ich weiß es nicht. Die ersten Tage werde ich wohl in Havana verbringen und mir einen Überblick […]